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The Box
Newly opened in Soho at 11-12 Walker’s Court W1F 0ED, The Box is very different from most dining venues.

Best Places to Watch Wimbledon
Can’t get onto centre court? No worries, we found five great location to go watch Wimbledon and enjoy good food and drinks.

Chowki Indian quality food at affordable prices
Riverside dining with a touch of class
Apollonia enjoy 1/2 bottle of Wine with any Party menu
Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, located on fashionable Kensington High Street, offers delicious Thai cuisine without a lofty price tag....

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Review - 1 Blossom Street

Tucked away in Blossom Street – presumably the place in the City specialising in bulb investment and Chrsyanth futures......... Cuisine: Modern Italian
Area: Square Mile

Review - 1 Blossom Street

Beautifully located in Blossom Street,Roberto Paddo’s restaurant has achieved its mission to bring good, simple Italian fare to the Square Mile. Cuisine: Modern Italian
Area: Square Mile

Review - Coq d Argent

Conran restaurants have pioneered a look that was new to this country when Quaglino's opened (or should that be re-opened?) Cuisine: French
Area: Square Mile

Review - Fluid Bar

From the outside, Fluid looks like any other achingly trendy bar/club/restaurant in an achingly trendy part of town. Get through the door though and it's another matter. Fluid is a nice roomy bar, with lots of sofas and original coin-op games. Cuisine: Japanese
Area: Square Mile

Review - Gaucho

All chains should be this good. Fact. Having supplied red meat and red wine to red faced business types for some years, Gaucho Grill is undergoing a reinvention. Cuisine: Argentine
Area: Square Mile

Review - Percento

The sums add up at Percento. While the horrible ‘70s buildings have come down around St Paul’s and before the (hopefully) wonderful new buildings are on the way up, there are some amazing, if temporary, views to be seen... Cuisine: Italian
Area: Square Mile

Review - Red Rose

Restaurants with an EC postcode come and go like government pledges. I’ve lost track of how many evening visits I’ve taken to sparsely occupied City eateries where some bewildered staff member tells me “it’s really buzzing at lunchtimes”. Cuisine: Indian
Area: Square Mile

Review - Refettorio

Stepping through from the hotel lobby, Refettorio is a warm and welcoming. It’s achingly stylish, yet it becomes clear, within seconds, that this is not a victory of style over substance. This is all about the food and the drink. Cuisine: Italian
Area: Square Mile

Review - Searcy’s

A star is born at the Barbican. “You’re gonna go out there a nobody but you’re gonna to come back a star,” is the line from A Star is Born well known to every aspiring actor... Cuisine: British
Area: Square Mile

Review - The Evangelist

The pub is a remarkably adaptable sort of establishment and the notion of what constitutes a pub is a very broad church indeed..... Cuisine: Modern British
Area: Square Mile

Review - The Well

Watching the world go by from The Well. Clerkenwell is the spiritual home of the gastropub as we know it, with the first being The Eagle and The Peasant along the way. The latest, The Well, has taken on board the hallmarks of this style of eating out, popular for a sense of relaxed, contemporary cooking... Cuisine: International
Area: Square Mile

Review - Twentyfour Restaurant and Bar

A room with a view Cuisine: Modern European
Area: Square Mile

Review - Vertigo

Hitchcock would have approved. This is the place for an eagle’s-eye view of the City. See it all laid at your feet while... Cuisine: Spanish
Area: Square Mile