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Best local Indian Restaurant in Essex 2014
One of the finest Indian restaurants in Essex Caraway Indian Brasserie, in Gants Hill, has won the prestigious Best Local Indian Restaurant Award in the Restaurant Guides

The Hart Brothers
The Hart Brothers, who have made Quo Vadis and Fino into such success stories

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10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
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In an age when Italian-style fast food means having a quick plate of pizza or pasta, Vapiano takes things one step further and makes things fun and well, practically interactive....

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Brick Lane Brasserie

Brick Lane Brasserie E1 Indian | East London

Main Menu

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Set Menus:

Brasserie specialities

58 BuTTer CHiCkeN £9.95
Chicken tikka cooked in a butter sauce, fresh cream and nuts
59 CHiCkeN or LaMB PassaNda £9.95
Delicately flavored mild dish with fresh cream and ground almonds
60 PesHwari CHiCkeN / LaMB £9.95
Chicken or lamb marinated in a tandoori spice and cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and onions
61 CHiCkeN / LaMB Tikka MusHrooM korai £10.95
Chicken tikka pieces cooked with mushroom in a thick sauce
62 THaTuL TaNGa BHujoN £10.95
Chicken/ Lamb/ Vegetables Cooked with home made sweet and sour spicy sauce, creating a unique flavour,
garnished with onion and coriander. Highly recommended
63 MaHaraja Tikka MasaLa £13.95
Whole spring chicken marinated in specially prepared spicy masala. Baked in deep charcoal oven. Cooked with
mild creamy sauce. Garnished with almond flake and fried onions
64 sHaHi MurG BHujoN £13.95
Whole spring chicken marinated in yogurt with specially selected spice and herbs. Baked in deep charcoal
oven. Then cooked with ‘minced lamb’ meat and paneer (home made cheese). Flavoured with garlic and butter
65 sHaTkora CHiCkeN / LaMB £9.95
These lightly spiced dishes are cooked with the shatkora fruit from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh giving a unique
sour flavour. These dishes reveal a true taste of Bangladeshi cuisine
66 LaMB / CHiCkeN ureeBisi GaTTa £10.95
Chicken, lamb cooked with the delicious seeds of Bangladeshi runner beans. Flavoured with green chilli, coriander
and other spices garnished with dry chillies and spring onions
67 rajesHwari £10.95
Boneless chicken breast cooked with fresh herbs, coriander, green chillies, garlic, tomatoes and capsicum
68 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka siZZLer (Medium) £10.95
Medium cooked with cream ground almonds, coconut, capsicums, tomatoes and onions, Served on sizzler
69 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN siZZLer £12.95
Medium cooked with cream ground almonds, coconut, capsicums, tomatoes and onions, Served on sizzler
70 LaMB CHoP sHaTkora BHuNa £11.95
Chops of tender lamb cooked with special fragrant wild lemon, onions and tomatoes
71 TaNdoori CHiCkeN jeera £10.45
Tandoori chicken cooked with roasted cumin seeds, in a special medium garlic, ginger and fresh herb sauce
72 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka jeera £9.95
Breast of chicken or lamb tikka cooked with roasted cumin seeds, in a special medium garlic, ginger and fresh herb sauce
73 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka MiNT korai £9.95
A fairly spicy dishes cooked with capsicum, onion, herbs, tomatoes and mint sauce. Served in a traditional Indian wok
74 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka aCHari £10.95
Medium with chefs own recipe, lime mango sour traditional taste
75 BoMBay Mix MasaLa £13.95
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Large King Prawns, Tandoori Chicken and minced lamb cooked in thick medium sauce.
Garnished with fresh coriander.
76 CHiCkeN or LaMB sHasHLik BHuNa £11.95
Grilled in tandoori oven and cooked in medium spicy sauce with mushrooms.
77 kiNG PrawN CoriaNder £12.95
Large king prawns cooked in coriander paste with aromatic spices and mustard, green chilli's yoghurt,
fairly hot, very popular in Nepal
78 CHiCkeN xaCuTi £11.95
A south Indian chicken curry which is highly spiced and fairly hot, cooked using coconut milk, yogurt,
making typically goan specials.
79 siZZLiNG VeGeTaBLes £7.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in a secret spiced sauce and served in sizzler

Balti dishes

87 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB £8.95
88 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB GarLiC CHiLLi £10.95
89 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB BHuNa £10.95
90 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB doPiaZa £10.95
91 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB roGoN josH £10.95
92 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB Madras £10.95
93 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB ViNdaLoo £10.95
94 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB daNsak £10.95
95 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB PaTia £10.95
96 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB korMa £10.95
97 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB saG £10.95
98 BaLTi CHiCkeN / LaMB Tikka MasaLa £10.95
99 BaLTi kiNG PrawN / BaLTi kiNG PrawN jaLfraiZi £12.95
100 BaLTi GarLiC CHiLLi PrawN / BaLTi PrawN jaLfraiZi £11.95
101 BaLTi VeGeTaBLe MasaLa £8.95
102 BaLTi VeGeTaBLe £8.95

Traditional Dishes

Curry disHes Curry - Cooked with medium spice. Very saucy
103 CHiCkeN or LaMB curry £4.95
104 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka curry £6.95
105 PrawN curry £7.95
106 kiNG PrawN curry £8.95
107 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN curry £9.95
108 VeGeTaBLe curry £4.75
Madras disHes Madras - fairly hot saucy
109 CHiCkeN or LaMB maDraS £6.95
110 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka maDraS £7.95
111 PrawN maDraS £7.95
112 kiNG PrawN maDraS £8.95
113 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN maDraS £9.95
114 VeGeTaBLe maDraS £5.95
ViNdaLoo or PHaL disHes Vindaloo - Very hot with pieces of potatoes. Phal - Extremely hot and saucy
115 CHiCkeN or LaMB VinDaLOO Or PHaL £6.95
116 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka VinDaLOO Or PHaL £7.95
117 PrawN VinDaLOO Or PHaL £7.95
118 kiNG PrawN VinDaLOO Or PHaL £8.95
119 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN VinDaLOO Or PHaL £9.95
120 VeGeTaBLe VinDaLOO Or PHaL £5.95

Bhuna - Medium spiced

121 CHiCkeN or LaMB BHuna Or meTHi £7.95
122 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka BHuna Or meTHi £8.95
123 PrawN BHuna Or meTHi £8.95
124 kiNG PrawN BHuna Or meTHi £9.95
125 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN BHuna Or meTHi £11.95
126 VeGeTaBLe BHuna Or meTHi £6.95
duPiaZa / CeyLoN disHes Dupiaza -Medium spicy with fried onions - Ceylon - Fairly hot and sour with coconut
127 CHiCkeN or LaMB DuPiaza / ceyLOn £7.95
128 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka DuPiaza / ceyLOn £8.95
129 PrawN DuPiaza / ceyLOn £8.95
130 kiNG PrawN DuPiaza / ceyLOn £9.95
131 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN DuPiaza / ceyLOn £11.95
132 VeGeTaBLe DuPiaza / ceyLOn £6.95

Biryani Dishes

Biryani is a classic Moghul dish of fragrant Basmati rice cooked with saffron, garam masala, ghee,

80 CHiCkeN or LaMB £8.95
81 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka £9.95
82 PrawN £10.95
83 kiNG PrawN £11.95
84 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN £12.95
85 Brasserie sPeCiaL £13.95
86 VeGeTaBLe £7.95

Appetiser All starters served with fresh green salad

01 MeaT soMosa (2 pieces) £3.75
Meat stuffed in a triangular shaped savory
02 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka £3.95
Succulent pieces marinated in yogurt and mild spices and baked in the tandoori clay oven
03 TaNdoori CHiCkeN 1/4 £3.95
The classical dish of a quarter piece of chicken marinated in a slightly tangy selection of spices before being baked.
Served with sizzling onions and a green salad
04 HaryaLi CHiCkeN £3.95
Diced marinated in a green paste of spinach and baked
05 Tikka keBaB PLaTTer £7.95
An assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, and sheek kebab, served with salad
06 Mixed sTarTer £6.95
An assortment of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & onion bhaji
07 CHiCkeN CHaT £3.95
Chicken cooked in medium tangy sour sauce
08 sHaMi keBaB £4.50
Flattened shape lamb mince with spices and deep fried and served like steak with salad and mint sauce
09 sHeek keBaB £3.95
Grilled minced lamb with herbs and spices
10 rasHMi keBaB £4.95
A round shaped minced lamb coated with butter with egg omelette top
11 TiGer wiNG £3.95
Burmese chilli baying flavoured chicken wings served sizzling hot an iron skillet with a side chilli dip
12 LaMB CHoP (2 Pieces) £6.95
Marinated in yogurt with tandoori spice in clay oven
fisH sPeCiaLiTies
13 kiNG PrawN BuTTerfLy £5.95
Off the shell king prawn lightly spiced and battered then deep fried to a crispy finish
14 PrawN Puri £4.95
Array of spicy and tangy prawns smothered over deep fried home made bread
15 kiNG PrawN Puri £5.95
Jumbo prawns cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce served over deep fried home made bread
16 BiraN Mass fry fisH £4.50
Fresh water fish, fried in a hint of special ground spices and herbs, served with fried onions. This is the most
traditional starter in Sylhet
17 fisH keBaB £4.50
Fresh water fish marinated in herbs and spices, deep fried and served as steak
18 VeGeTaBLe soMosa £3.75
Vegetable stuffed in a triangular shaped savory
19 CasHew NuT roLL £3.75
Cooked with potato, cashew nuts and gram flour
20 MaGiC MusHrooM £3.95
Fresh water fish marinated in herbs and spices and served with salad
21 souP-e-sousi £3.75
Fresh vegetables soup
22 MuLLiGaTawaNy souP £3.75
Special lentil soup cooked with herbs and spices
23 aLoo CHoP £3.75
Delicately tender lamb meat folded in spicy mashed potato then deep-fried.
24 CauLifLower Pakura £3.75
Pieces of cauliflower encased in a thin pastry deep-fried.
25 VeGeTaBLe Puri £3.75
Array of spicy and tangy vegetable smothered over deep fried home made bread
26 oNioN BHaji (4 pieces) £3.75
A deep fried mixture of onion puree and gram flour paste
27 aLoo CHaT £3.75
Slices of potatoes cooked with cucumber and onions in a chat masala sauce
28 PaPaduM (Plain /Spicy) £0.60
29 exTra CHuTNey (Per person) £0.60

Vegetable side Dishes

184 MusHrooM BHaji £3.95
185 PaLak BHaji (Spinach) £3.95
186 CauLifLower BHaji £3.95
187 VeGeTaBLe BHaji (Dryish) £3.95
188 BriNjaL BHaji (Aubergine) £3.95
189 BeaNs BHaji (Sliced green beans) £3.95
190 BiNdi BHaji (Okra) £3.95
191 Mixed VeGeTaBLe Curry (Medium) £3.95
192 CHaNa MasaLa (Spiced chick peas) £3.95
193 daL MasaLa (Thick spicy lentils) £3.95
194 Tarka daLL (Lentils garnished with garlic) £3.95
195 daL saMBer (Lentils with vegetable) £3.95
196 BoMBay aLoo (Spicy potatoes) £3.95
197 CHaNa aLoo (Chick peas & potatoes) £3.95
198 PaLak aLoo (Spinach & Potatoes) £3.95
199 aLoo GoBi (Cauliflower & Potatoes) £3.95
200 desHi daLL (Hot with fried black chilli garlic) £3.95
201 MoTor PoNeer (Creamy peas & cheese) £3.95
202 PaLak PoNeer (Creamy spinach with cheese) £3.95
203 PaLak CHaNa (Spinach & Chana) £3.95

Brasserie special Thali

181 VeGeTariaN THaLi £11.95
A Thali is a typical Indian silver platter containing small bowls with a variety of different dishes, included
in the vegetable Thali are aloo gobi tarka dall, spinach, mixed vegetable, pilau rice, tandoori roti and raitha
182 MeaT THaLi £13.95
A selection of Brasserie best meat dishes including chicken tikka masala, lamb bhuna, tandoori chicken, sheek kebab
pilau rice, nan and raitha
183 Brasserie sPeCiaL THaLi £14.95
A selection of special Brasserie dishes including ureebisi biran, biran maas, chicken rezala, shatkora dall, pilau rice,
paratha and yogurt sauce


204 PLaiN riCe £2.75 205 PiLau riCe (Saffron Rice) £2.95
206 Peas riCe £3.95 207 LeMoN riCe £3.95
208 CoCoNuT riCe £3.95 209 VeGeTaBLe riCe (Mixed Vegetable) £3.95
210 MusHrooM riCe £3.95 211 eGG riCe (Sliced Egg with Spice) £3.95
212 keeMa riCe £3.95 213 Mixed riCe (Vegetable Egg & Peas) £3.95
214 sPeCiaL riCe (Egg, Peas & Onions) £3.95


215 PLaiN NaN £2.75 216 GarLiC CHiLLi NaN £3.25
217 PesHwari NaN (Almond & Coconut) £3.25 218 VeGeTaBLe NaN £3.25
219 keeMa NaN (Spiced Minced Nan) £3.25 220 eGG NaN (Stuffed with Sliced Eggs) £3.25
221 kuLCHi NaN (Coriander & Onions) £3.25 222 CHeese NaN £3.25
223 GarLiC CHiLLi / GarLiC NaN £3.25 224 keeMa NaN £3.25
225 PLaiN ParaTHa £2.50 226 aLoo ParaTHa £2.75
227 CHaPaTi £1.95 228 Puri (Fried Soft Bread) £1.95
229 TaNdoori roTi £2.50 230 sTuffed ParaTHa £2.75

To compliment your meal

231 raiTHa (PLaiN) £1.50 232 raiTHa (CuCuMBer) £1.95
233 raiTHa (oNioN) £1.95 234 GreeN saLad £2.95
235 CHiPs £1.95

Chef’s recommendation

40 HaryaLi CHiCkeN MasaLa £8.95
Green chicken baked in marinated of spinach, mint coriander, served in a creamy sauce
41 CHiCkeN CHaNa MakHaNi £9.95
Chicken/ Lamb cooked with chickpeas in light spice and butter. Flavoured with garlic and ginger.
Garnished with flake almonds and coriander
42 HyderaBadi LaMB £9.95
A memorable dish of diced lamb cooked to medium hot taste in a sauce made with lamb mince
43 CHiCkeN / LaMB reZaLLa £9.95
Pieces of chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a hot and slightly tangy sauce made with fresh
green chillies, capsicum and tomatoes
44 kiNG PrawN reZaLLa £11.95
Tandoori king prawns cooked in hot and tangy sauce made with fresh green chillies, capsicum and tomatoes
45 seCreT of Brasserie £11.95
Exotic Bengal specially cooked in chef’s own recipe
46 Brasserie deLiGHT £12.95
King prawn on shell cooked in mild delicate herbs and spices
47 raja CHiNGri BHuNa £11.95
King prawn cooked in a special blend of ground spices and herbs in a medium thick sauce)
48 CHiCkeN or LaMB Goa £10.95
Chef’s special dish cooked in almonds, coconut, fresh mango rich creamy sauce
49 CHiCkeN or LaMB LeMoN Grass £10.95
Chicken or lamb pieces cooked with a slight hint of spices and served in a lemon grass and lemon sauce
50 CHiLLi BayaNG £9.95
Cooked with fries onion, pepper, naga and peas chilli in a thick sauce
roGoN josH disHes Rogon - Medium spiced garnished with fresh tomato
133 CHiCkeN or LaMB rOGOn £7.95
134 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka rOGOn £8.95
135 PrawN rOGOn £8.95
136 kiNG PrawN rOGOn £10.95
137 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN rOGOn £11.95
138 VeGeTaBLe rOGOn £6.95
korMa disHes Korma - Sweet, mild with creamy coconut sauce
139 CHiCkeN or LaMB kOrma £7.95
140 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka kOrma £8.95
141 PrawN kOrma £9.95
142 kiNG PrawN kOrma £10.95
143 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN kOrma £12.95
144 VeGeTaBLe kOrma £7.95
MasaLa disHes Masala - Cooked with masala sauce, mild and creamy
145 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka maSaLa £8.95
146 TaNdoori CHiCkeN maSaLa £9.95
147 CHiCkeN or LaMB CHiLLi maSaLa £8.95
148 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN maSaLa £12.95
149 Brasserie sPeCiaL maSaLa (sPeCiaLLy Cooked) £11.95
150 VeGeTaBLe Tikka maSaLa £7.95
GarLiC or saG disHes Garlic - Medium spice with fresh garlic. Sag - Medium spice fairly dry with spinach
151 CHiCkeN or LaMB GarLic Or SaG £7.95
152 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka GarLic Or SaG £8.95
153 PrawN GarLic Or SaG £8.95
154 kiNG PrawN GarLic Or SaG £11.95
155 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN GarLic Or SaG £12.95
156 VeGeTaBLe GarLic Or SaG £6.95
jaLfraiZi disHes Jalfreizi - Hot with fresh green chilies, capsicum and onions cooked in a special thick sauce
157 CHiCkeN or LaMB JaLFraizi £8.95
158 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka JaLFraizi £9.95
159 PrawN JaLFraizi £9.95
160 kiNG PrawN JaLFraizi £11.95
161 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN JaLFraizi £12.95
162 VeGeTaBLe JaLFraizi £7.95
korai sPeCiaL disHes Korai - Specially cooked with green chillies & onions then tossed dry in a sizzling korai (wok)
163 CHiCkeN or LaMB kOrai £8.95
164 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka kOrai £9.95
165 PrawN kOrai £9.95
166 kiNG PrawN kOrai £11.95
167 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN kOrai £12.95
168 VeGeTaBLe kOrai £7.95
daNsak or PaTia disHes Dansak - fairly hot sweet and sour with lentils Patia - hot, sweet and sour
169 CHiCkeN or LaMB DanSak Or PaTia £8.95
170 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka DanSak Or PaTia £9.95
171 PrawN DanSak Or PaTia £9.95
172 kiNG PrawN DanSak Or PaTia £11.95
173 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN DanSak Or PaTia £12.95
174 VeGeTaBLe DanSak Or PaTia £7.95
MaLyaN or kasHMir disHes
Malyan - Mild cooked with pineapple cream. Kashmir - Mild with banana or lichees with creamy coconut sauce
175 CHiCkeN or LaMB maLyan Or kaSHmir £8.95
176 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka maLyan Or kaSHmir £9.95
177 PrawN maLyan Or kaSHmir £9.95
178 kiNG PrawN maLyan Or kaSHmir £11.95
179 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN maLyan Or kaSHmir £12.95
180 VeGeTaBLe maLyan Or kaSHmir £7.95


30 CHiCkeN or LaMB Tikka £7.95
Marinated in yogurt and mild spices and baked. Garnished with tomatoes, capsicum and onions
31 TaNdoori CHiCkeN (Half) £7.95
The classical dish of a half piece of chicken marinated in a slightly tangy selection of spices before being baked
Served with sizzling onions
32 TaNdoori CHiCkeN (whole) £12.95
33 sHeek keBaB £7.95
Char grilled minced lamb with herbs and spices
34 TaNdoori PaNeer £7.95
Home made cottage cheese marinated and shaped into chunks and baked
35 CHiCkeN or LaMB sHasHLiCk £9.95
Marinated and cooked in a clay oven with green peppers, tomatoes and onion
36 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN £11.95
Succulent jumbo prawns delicately marinated and cooked in a clay oven with green peppers, tomatoes and onion
37 TaNdoori kiNG PrawN sHasHLik £11.95
Mouth watering succulent jumbo prawns delicately marinated in mild spices and baked
38 TaNdoori Mixed GriLL £12.95
A selection of king prawn, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab
39 TaNdoori LaMB CHoP £11.95
Spring lamb chop marinated with fresh ginger, garlic, herbs, yoghurt and ground spices, slow cooked in the tandoor