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Best local Indian Restaurant in Essex 2014
One of the finest Indian restaurants in Essex Caraway Indian Brasserie, in Gants Hill, has won the prestigious Best Local Indian Restaurant Award in the Restaurant Guides

The Hart Brothers
The Hart Brothers, who have made Quo Vadis and Fino into such success stories

10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
50% off the food bill Monday through to Saturday

In an age when Italian-style fast food means having a quick plate of pizza or pasta, Vapiano takes things one step further and makes things fun and well, practically interactive....

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Cafe Rickshaw

Cafe Rickshaw WV3 Indian | North Yorkshire


Papadam - Thin fried wafer made from urad (Black Gram) flour
& Homemade Relishes -
Minty Yogurt (Rhaita), onion salad and house exclusive salsa relish. £0.75
Flame Crispy Masala Papadam & Homemade relishes £0.80
Thin roasted wafer made from urad flour, spiced with crushed black peppercorns
Mango Pulp Chutney ’sweet’ £0.70
Mix Pickle ‘fiery’ £0.90
Bowl of Bombay Mix £1.65
Sprinkles of red chilli, red onions and fresh lemon juice
2 To Share
Tandori Deluxe Sizzler £6.95
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken,
Sheek Kebab and Lamb Chop
Served on a ‘Sizzling Platter’ with salad
Fishermen’s Basket £8.95
Tandoori King Prawns, Fish Pakora,
Filo wrapped Prawns,
Stir Fried Garlic Mussels & Shrimps.
Presented on a scallop shaped plate in a gram
flour Potato Basket


CafÉ Rickshaw Salad £4.95
Crispy salad leaves, melons, plums, mangoes, pineapples and
honey dressing, topped with sunflower seeds
Singra £3.45
Cone shaped rickshaw driver’s favourite snack, typically served
at road-side tracks from stalls and carts. Made of fillings of
tiny sautéed diced potatoes heated with roasted crushed red
chillies over a flour based covering (like a Samosa with green
chilli) Medium Heat
Chana Aloo Chatt £3.50
Chickpeas & spicy diced baby potatoes sautéed with tangy
massala, tamarind and hint of sweetness served in a crispy rice
flour basket
Crab Cakes £3.75
American influenced appetiser composed of crab claw meat
tossed with ginger & fresh green chillies bonded with rice and
bread crumbs. Sautéed on a skillet Medium Heat
Kathi Rolls £3.75
Popular Mumbai snack. Crushed spicy chicken breast, scented
with finely chopped cilantro. Wrapped in fluffy bread
Chicken Chaat £3.75
Tangy massala, tamarind and hint of sweeteness, served in a
crispy rice flour basket
Aubergine Gosh £3.95
Simmered lamb, stir fried with baby aubergine flesh in olive
oil, tomato wedges, a hint of ground red chilli & sprinkle of
ground coconut, served on split stem aubergine Slightly Hot
Murghi Gosht Pepe & Tamarind Glaze £4.95
Barbecued mix of mini chicken and lamb strips, stir fried with
slices of bell peppers & onions, chopped fresh green chillies
and Thai sweet chilli sauce Slightly Hot
Lucknow Sheek Kebabs £4.25
Home minced lamb flavoured with nutmeg, kasuri methi, green
chilli & soft cheese, flamed in tandoor Medium Heat
Spicy Pan Seared Sea Scallops £5.95
Scottish scallops seasoned with freshly ground cracked black
peppercorn & ground cayenne pepper Slightly Hot
Goan Infused Tiger Prawns £5.50
Smoked double freshwater king prawns served in a little pool
of mint yoghurt
Skinned Spicy Chicken Breast, Diced Mini Bell
Peppers & Onions with Thai Sweet Chilli &
Peanut Satay Sauce £5.50


CafÉ Rickshaw Mix Grill £9.95
Sizzling mouth watering assortment from clay oven, bite sized
pieces of tikka chicken, tikka lamb, kebab sheek, tandoori
chicken , chop lamb and homemade Paneer cheese (served on
sizzling platter with salad)
Malabar Roast Duck £9.75
Grilled wild double duck breast, braised with coconut oil,
traces of crushed almonds & sultana’s, painted with red chilli
paste. Speckles of browned caramelised onions Slightly Hot
Sizzling Curry
North Indian Garlic Chilli Massala £7.95
Supreme of chicken breast cubes, grilled & prepared with
chopped green & ground red chillies and garlic Fiery Hot
Murgh Jalfrezi £8.50
Clay oven baked, diced spring chicken, complimented with, 1/8
cuts of spiced red bell peppers & onions, strengthened with
‘hot’ pepper sauce Fiery Hot
Charcoal Grilled Chicken or Lamb with Peppers,
Onions & Tomatoes in Tandoori Masala £8.95
Medium Heat
Pudina with Bengali Green Bean Seeds £10.75
Julienne strips of corn-fed chicken breast coated with corn
flour, panch phoran spice mix, seared & oven baked served
with Pomegranate, fresh mint, a hint of sweetness in an
aromatic pungent liquid base Medium Heat
Asparagus Roulade £6.75
Butterfly of chicken breast filled with sautéed fresh baby
asparagus, diced capsicum, sliced wild mushrooms & oven
baked. Plated with a mango powder sauce
Naga Curry £6.95
A hot and aromatic type of Bengali chilli, a real treat for spice
lovers! Hot
sicillian Chicken £7.45
Jalfreize style dish with an Italian cuisine twist, layer of
mozzarella cheese Very Hot
Murgh Makhni £8.95
Matchstick size cuts of chicken breast, ground almonds &
coconuts, hint of red chilli, puree of tomato and simmered
in herbs & butter milk, drizzled with honey for a soft spicy
creamy essence. Medium Heat

Game & Poultry

Kerala Duck £10.95
Coconut milk & black peppercorn, Pressure cooked for extra tenderness, garnished with
homemade, thin sliced potato chips
Venison Curry £13.75
with sweet potatoes and honey drizzled parsnip crisps Medium
Crème of Pheasant and Cilantro Rice £11.75
Pheasant marinated overnight with curd and masala for superior flavour. Broiled & plated
on a pool of chicken broth Mild

Lamb & Red Meat

Curry Goat with Diced Spiced Potatoes £10.25
Infused with our own recipe jerk sauce Hot
Mokhtaz £7.65
This mouth watering ginger based dish is delicately spiced and enriched with fresh
chillies home spiced Slightly Hot
Lamb Shank Curry in Coconut Milk £12.95
French cut shank of lamb prepared in a sealed pressure vessel with nehari spice mix. A
brawny luxurious dish Medium Heat
Beef Chilli Fry with Rice, Chips or 1/2 & 1/2 £8.85
Goan style dish, curried with premium beef, black peppercorn, tamarind. Pressure
cooked to preserve nutritional values and concentrated flavours Slightly Hot
Hyderabadi Biryani £13.75
Cuts of goat meat with bones, long grain rice cooked together in sealed pot with yoghurt
and garden peas, scented with rose water and brown caramelised onions. Served with
lentil sauce


Chingry Jalfry £10.95
Hand picked fresh king prawns, massaged with tandoori masala, roasted in our clay
oven. Prepared in a rich sauce with spiced onions, red peppers & fresh green chillies
Slightly Hot
King Prawn Delight £10.85
Marinated whole black tiger prawns, simmered in coconut milk & fragrance spices. A
truly delightful experience Mild
Pan Seared Sea Bass Biran £9.85
Double fillets of saltwater bass rubbed in turmeric, corn flour and fennels with snap
beans, stir fried fresh garlic, onion slices & Thai sweet chilli sauce

Old Favourites

All dishes are medium to hot, spiced with a light sour taste, their
exciting taste and aromatic flavours have become a phenomenon.
Add 65p for Prawns & Lamb, £2.95 for King Prawns & £1.50 for Fish
prices below apply to Breast of Chicken & Mixed Vegetable only
Chilli Massala £5.95
‘Fiery’ dish flavoured with Kasuri methi, rich soya sauce, fresh green & ground red chillies
Very Hot
Dansak £6.25
With lentils & pineapple, sweet, sour and a little heat Slightly Hot
Dupiaza £5.95
Primed with lots of diced, spiced onions Medium Heat
Rogan Josh £5.95
A tomato and pimento based curry flavoured with coriander Medium Heat
Tikka Massala £6.95
A popular, creamy, mild ‘British” favourite dish Mild
Sag £6.25
Wilted fresh spinach, coriander and plenty of fresh herbs Medium Heat
Korma £5.95
For that milder taste....ground coconut in creamy sauce scented with clarified butter
Very Mild


Vegetable Malai Kofta
In India this dish is for special occasions! It’s the vegetarian
alternative to meatballs carefully placed in a pool of
tomato cream sauce Very Mild
Began (Baby Aubergine)/Kaddu (Pumpkin)/Bindi
Lightly flavoured with onion seeds and fenugreek
Mixed Vegetable Bengal
Assortment of stir fried spiced fresh vegetables
Cinnamon Kasuri Methi Aloo
Parboiled, diced spiced potatoes, stir fried with cinnamon
sticks, dried fenugreek leaves & fresh lemon juice
Aloo Ka Bharta
Coarsely mashed smoked potatoes, mixed with green
chillies, sliced red onions and coriander. Scented with
butter ghee hot
Two Type Lentils
Bengali favourite! Chana & Masoor daal tempered with
tomato wedges, coriander, bay leaf, green chillies & garlic
Chana Saag Paneer
Spiced chickpeas & wilted spinach sautéed with homemade
Indian herb cottage cheese Mild


Go Large on any rice for an extra £1.00 - serves 2
Fluffy Basmati Rice £1.95
Long grain, king of all rice
Pilau £2.65
Braised basmati rice scented with bay leaf, anise, clarified butter, turmeric & ginger
Fried Rice £2.65
Basmati rice stir fried with ‘julienne’ cuts of onion, fennel seeds, and coloured with
ground turmeric
Coconut Rice & Sultana’s £2.65
Raita £1.20
Cucumber, onion, fennel & hint of red chillies

Fresh Breads

Go Large on any Naan for an extra £1.00 - serves 2
Bread Basket £4.95
Assortments of chapatti, paratha and choice of stuffed Naan
Kashmiri Naan £3.50
Filled with fusion of chicken tikka, double soft cheese, keema, green chilli & coriander
Naan £1.95
Moist with clarified butter
Stuffed Naan £2.60 Choice of Fillings:
keema, garlic, coriander, poppy seeds, soft cheese, chilli
Tandoori Roti £1.95
Clay oven baked large wheat flour bread
Tawa Roti £1.50
Also known as chapatti. Unleavened flat bread, partly cooked on a cast iron griddle, and
then finished directly on a high flame
Wherever you dine, your choice of restaurant makes a
statement about you.


Chocolate Mint (85ml) £7.50
Crème de Menthe, Kahlua & Baileys
Black Russian (50ml) £5.95
Kahlua & Vodka

Dessert Menu

Strawberry Cheesecake £2.85
Whole cheesecake made using soft
cheese with strawberries set in a
fruit flavoured jelly

Dutch Chunky Apple Flan £3.25
Lattice topped pastry flan filled with
chunky Dutch apples and packed with
juicy sultanas

Ice Cream
Vanilla or Chocolate £1.95

Sagoo Seed Pudding £2.50
Popular Bangladeshi dessert, simmered in
milk & cream garnished with Almonds

Gulab Juman (2 pcs) £3.25
gul-aab jaa-mun is a popular northern
Indian dessert, made of a dough
Consisting mainly of milk solids