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Best local Indian Restaurant in Essex 2014
One of the finest Indian restaurants in Essex Caraway Indian Brasserie, in Gants Hill, has won the prestigious Best Local Indian Restaurant Award in the Restaurant Guides

The Hart Brothers
The Hart Brothers, who have made Quo Vadis and Fino into such success stories

10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
50% off the food bill Monday through to Saturday

In an age when Italian-style fast food means having a quick plate of pizza or pasta, Vapiano takes things one step further and makes things fun and well, practically interactive....

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Kalamaras Greek Taverna

Kalamaras Greek Taverna W2 Greek | Bayswater, Notting Hill


Greek Olives £2.50
Taramosaláta £3.70
Smoked cod roe dip with lemon & olive oil
Tzatziki £3.70
Yogurt, garlic and cucumber dip
Houmoús £3.70
Chickpea, garlic & olive oil dip
Féta Cheese £3.70
Greek goats cheese with oregano & olive oil
Fáva £3.70
Purée of yellow split peas with onion & olive oil
Vegetarian Dolmadakia £3.80
Vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs

Saganáki £4.50
Grilled Kefalotiri Cheese with lemon juice
Tyrópites £3.50
Filo pastry parcels filled with Féta cheese & oregano
Spanakotyrópites £3.50
Filo pastry parcels filled with spinach, feta cheese &
spring onions
Tiganitá Kolokythákia me Scordaliá £3.50
Sliced, crispy fried courgettes with garlic sauce
Loukánika £4.00
Spiced Greek country sausages
Keftédes £3.50
Small meatballs with mint & shallots
Kalamarákia Tiganitá £6.50
Baby deep-fried squid
Octapódi Sti Scára £5.50
Grilled octopus with olive oil & herbs
Dolmadákia £3.75
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat & herbs
Grilled Garídes £6.50
Grilled King Prawns with olive oil and lemon

Soúpa Horiátiki £3.80
Fresh country vegetable soup
Fasolada £4.00
Traditional Greek bean soup

Saláta Horiátiki ‘Kalamaras’ £4.50
Greek Salad with Féta Cheese
Tomato and Onion Salad £3.00
Angourotomáta £3.50
Cucumber & tomato salad with onion & olive oil dressing

Tomátes & Piperies Gemistés £9.50
Stuffed baked tomatoes & peppers
Vegetarian Moussaká £9.80
Layers of sliced sautéed potatoes, aubergines, courgettes
Topped with béchamel sauce and cheese

Arnáki Lemonáto me Spanáki £11.50
Lamb cooked with spinach & lemon juice
Keftédes £9.60
Marinated meat balls in tomato sauce with herbs
Athenian Moussaká £10.20
Layers of sautéed potatoes, aubergines, courgettes and
Minced lamb topped with béchamel sauce and cheese
Stifádo £11.50
Beef, red wine & shallots
Kléftiko £11.50
Large pieces of tender lamb with herbs
Cooked in foil
Chicken Lemonoreganáto £9.80
Chicken with lemon and oregano

Brizóles Hirinés Scáras £12.00
Marinated pork chops
Soúvla £12.00
Spit roasted lamb
Kotópoulo Souvláki £9.80
Chicken pieces on the skewers
Brizóles Arnísses £12.50
Marinated lamb cutlets
Souvláki Arníssio £10.70
Marinated lamb pieces on the skewer
Souvláki Kalamáki £10.00
Marinated pork pieces on the skewer

Kalamarákia Tiganitá £13.50
Deep fried baby squid
Lavráki (Sea Bass) £15.00
Served grilled or steamed
Sardines £11.00
Served grilled or fried
Tsipoúra (Sea Bream) £14.50
Garídes Sti Scára £16.00
Grilled King prawns
Garídes me Féta £15.50
Toasted King Prawns in a herb and tomato sauce
With Féta Cheese

Choice of home made Greek desserts
From £3.50

All for two or more people, ideal for parties
Ouzo Mezze £17.00
Grilled octopus, spiced Greek sausage, Kefalotiri cheese
Served with Ouzo Karafaki (250ml)
Fish Mezze £20.00
Choice of cold starters, hot fish starters, Fish main
Courses and desserts. A complete Greek meal
Mixed Mezze £20.00
Choice of cold starters, hot starters, main courses
And desserts. A complete Greek meal

All prices are inclusive of VAT but subject to a 10% service charge