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The Box
Newly opened in Soho at 11-12 Walker’s Court W1F 0ED, The Box is very different from most dining venues.

Best Places to Watch Wimbledon
Can’t get onto centre court? No worries, we found five great location to go watch Wimbledon and enjoy good food and drinks.

Chowki Indian quality food at affordable prices
Riverside dining with a touch of class
Apollonia enjoy 1/2 bottle of Wine with any Party menu
Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, located on fashionable Kensington High Street, offers delicious Thai cuisine without a lofty price tag....

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Ma Goa

Ma Goa Indian | South London

A la Carte

* - Hot N - Contains nuts V- Vegetarian Y – Contains Dairy products

Plain Yoghurt – Chilled natural yoghurt 90p
Fernandez Salad* (Kachumber) - Onions, tomato, cucumber & chili with a vinegar and lemon dressing £1.95
Ma Goa’s Tomato and Cucumber Salad - £2.35
Mint Dip - Yoghurt infused with mint £1.10
Raita - Cucumber, roasted spices and yoghurt £1.10
Taliwi Mirchi* - Not for the faint-hearted - Fried green chilies in mustard oil. To be enjoyed with your main course £1.35
Papard - a.k.a. poppadam; served with a selection of dips 60p

Goa Chorizo * - A Goan specialty. Spicy pork chorizo with palm vinegar, kashmiri chilli and garlic, tossed with a spicy onion & potato "salsa" £4.50
Machli Ke Kebab - Chunks of salmon flavoured with mustard, ginger, tandoori spices with lemon cooked over charcoal £4.75
Shrimp Balchao Masala* - Shrimps cooked in tomato and a hint of “balchao” pickling masala with curry leaves £4.50

Ragra Pattice (V)*– Indian street-food from Mumbai. Potato & herb cakes served with spicy chick-pea masala £3.75
Dhai aur Baigan (V) (Y) - A Persian influenced dish of garlic infused yoghurt topped with spiced oven
baked aubergine £4.25
Kashmiri Lamb Cutlets* – Lamb cutlets cooked in cardamom infused milk then coated with potato, dipped in
batter & fried £4.75

Regional Starters contd….
Dhai Puri (V)(Y) - A cold starter made with gram flour baskets filled with potato topped with green chili & tamarind chutney, yoghurt & coriander. A true example of street food in India £3.75
Tandoori Bathak (Y) – Leg of duck in a mustard, lime & garlic marinade cooked over charcoal until tender £4.75
Paneer Chaat (V)(Y) – Indian cheese tossed in an iron Koorai (heavy frying pan) then dusted with chaat masala. £4.00
Bhaji Tokri (V) – Vegetable pakora (bhaji) and samosa served in a poppadum basket with a spicy tamarind dip £4.25

Goan Pickles* (Also perfect with your main meal)
Ask to see our selection of home-made pickles
Goa Shrimp Pickle – Made with “balchao” pickle masala £1.00

Main Dishes - Any of our dishes can prepared with extra chilli

Gallina Xhacutti* – A favourite Goan export. Chicken on-the-bone cooked in a full flavoured roasted spice sauce with a subtle hint of coconut £7.85
Konkan Style Gallina* Chicken breast cooked in "amot-tik" (hot & Sour) style sauce with curry leaves, palm vinegar, kashmiri chili, garlic and roasted & ground red masala £8.00
Coconut aur Mehti Gallina – Chicken breast simmered in a mild coconut milk, fenugreek, coriander & lime sauce £8.50
Porco Vindaloo** The traditional vindaloo originated from Portugal. The Goans added spices and chilli. Contrary to popular belief it is always cooked with pork. Here we cook one of our family’s favourite dishes the old fashioned way. Hot, yet delicious £9.00
Bella’s Goa Lamb* – Our Aunty Bella in Goa cooks this dish for us when we travel to Goa. Diced lamb cooked with rich Goan red masala - kashmiri chili, garlic, cloves , palm vinegar & curry leaves £8.95
Ma's Fish Caldin - Chunks of Escolar fish steaks (similar to swordfish - white firm & boneless), simmered with coconut, palm vinegar, mustard seeds, kokum (butternut berries) karipatta (curry leaves) and our secret blend of spices £10.00
Prawn Amot-tik* - A hot and sour sauce often had in the many Goan beach restaurants. Roasted garam masala & dried kashmiri red chilies are used along with a sour fruit called kokum £10.50
Seafood Pullao- Squid, mussels, prawns & salmon tossed in a masala made with cardamom, curry leaves, mace, green mango and coconut. Served on a bed of saffron rice £13.50

Mirchi Murgh* – Chicken cut on-the-bone in dry-fried masala with green chilli, coriander, capsicum & onion £8.00
Murgh Korma (Y) - A delicious mild fragrant dish prepared with chicken breast in a tomato, yoghurt, rose water and cardamom sauce. Finished with cream & nutmeg £8.00
Papa’s Zafrani Murgh (Y) - Chicken on-the-bone cooked rustic style with coarsely chopped ginger, garlic and whole pieces of garam masala (cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and pepper-corns) then steamed with saffron & yoghurt £7.85
Chini Raan Achari (Y)* - My Father picked up this dish from a neighbour who was from Rajasthan in the 1950’s. Slow cooked lamb shank prepared in rich pickling masala (onion seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek leaves),
green chilies & yoghurt £10.50
Palak Gosht - Lamb prepared with spinach, butter, fenugreek leaves, dill, garlic and tomato £8.95
Kehri Jhinga – A dish that my Grand-mother made using fresh prawns, raw mango, curry leaves, coriander & garlic £10.75
Machli Ka Salan – A Lahori influenced dish. Monk-fish cooked with cumin, dried mango, lovage seeds, coriander,
ginger & tomato £10.50

TANDOORI DISHES – (Dry Barbeque dishes)

Borrego Pankhwalla (Y) - Delicious, tender lamb cutlets in a yoghurt, garlic, coriander and lime juice marinade then cooked over charcoal. (Dry). Served with a salad garnish £8.75
Murgh Till Tikka (Y) - Cubes of chicken breast soaked in crushed sesame seeds, garlic and yoghurt then cooked over charcoal. Perfect as a starter for two or as main dish for one £8.00
Tandoori Batair (Y) - De-boned quail with delicate spices, yoghurt and mint then cooked over charcoal. Served on a bed of spinach £8.50

Bund Gobi - Stir-fried shredded cabbage and carrots with ginger and cumin
Chick Pea Chaat - Chick peas in roasted ground spices and tamarind
Phool Gobi - Cauliflower florets cooked with mustard seeds, onion and slices of ginger
Daal - Yellow lentils with asafetida (hing), chilli & roasted cumin
Ma di Daal (Y) – Black urid lentils cooked overnight on a resting tandoor oven. Finished with butter, red chilli & ginger

Vegetables contd….all at £4.50
Tauri – Courgettes cooked with tomato & mustard seeds
Khumbi – Mushroom simmered in a light coconut sauce with curry leaves & coriander & capsicum
Aloo Zeera – Baby potatoes with curry leaves mustard seeds & cumin seeds
Palak Batata (Y) - Spinach, dill, chopped spring onion, fresh fenugreek and new potatoes
Beringella (Y) – Baby aubergines in rich piquant pickling masala with yoghurt, onions and tomatoes
Paneer Masala – Paneer cheese cooked in a tomato & onion seed sauce

Mixed Vegetable Caldin – Assorted mixed vegetables simmered in “caldin” sauce (Main only) £6.95
Vegetarian Thali (Y) – The chef’s choice of delicious vegetables served on a platter known a “thali” with rice
A meal for one £9.95 (Vegan option available – just ask)

Chapati - Whole-wheat bread cooked on a heavy cast-iron hot plate known as a tava. 90p
Sada Naan (Y) - Unleavened bread cooked in the clay oven & brushed with butter £1.85
Lassan ki Naan (Y) - As above but with crushed garlic £1.95
Tandoor Ki Roti - Unleavened whole-wheat bread cooked in the clay oven £1.50
Peshwari Naan (N) (Y) - Filled with nuts, coconut and raisins & brushed with butter £2.35
Parveen’s Achari Paratha (Y) – Whole-wheat bread filled with seed spices then fried in butter £1.85

BASMATI RICE HALF OR FULL PORTIONS (unless specified, will be served as full portion)
Ma's Bhat - Basmati rice simply boiled Full £2.80 Half £1.35
Coconut Rice - Basmati rice with onion seeds, coconut & curry leaves Full £3.50 Half £1.70
Zafrani Chawal (N) – Basmati rice infused with saffron strands & cashew nuts Full £3.50 Half £1.70
Ma's Sada Pullao - Basmati rice prepared in a rich spice stock Full £3.25 Half £1.60

Polite notice.......In the interest of your fellow diners STRICTLY no cigar or pipes allowed.
Ma Goa Outside – our fantastic catering division T 0845 092 8855