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The Box
Newly opened in Soho at 11-12 Walker’s Court W1F 0ED, The Box is very different from most dining venues.

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Can’t get onto centre court? No worries, we found five great location to go watch Wimbledon and enjoy good food and drinks.

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Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, located on fashionable Kensington High Street, offers delicious Thai cuisine without a lofty price tag....

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Nozomi SW3 Japanese | Kensington & Chelsea



Soft shell crab with a spicy red pepper mayonnaise 12.50

Seared wagyu beef salad with lotus root and ginger dressing 14.50

Nozomi crab salad 16.00
White asparagus, salad with taraba (king) crab and black truffle

Seabass sashimi with yama-momo plum salsa 10.80

Salmon tataki with braised fennel and wasabi dressing 9.50

Roasted lamb with avocado soya sauce 10.50

Grilled squid with lime and chilli sauce 8.80

Sauteed octopus with shitake mushrooms and 10.50
mango salad

Seaweed salad with goma dressing 7.25

Seared scallops with yuzu miso and caviar 15.00

New style tuna sashimi with asparagus oshitashi 12.50

Slow roasted plum tomatoes with mixed 6.25
beetroot and truffle dressing


Black cod 17.00
Grilled cod served with Nozomi miso and pickled daikon

Seabream 15.00
Grilled and served with wakasa-yaki with gomoku-an

Lobster with garlic and yuzu kusho dressing 29.80
Grilled whole lobster in garlic and served with
yuzu kusho dessing

Prawns 16.50
Sauteed fresh prawns served with mizuna leaves and
golden kiwi salsa

Lemon sole 17.50
Fried sole served with chilli, spring onions and ponzu sauce

Salmon koshiyaki 16.00
Grilled salmon served with red onions and teriyaki sauce

Seabass 17.00
Panfried seabass served with marinated carrots
and cilantro sauce


Lamb shoga 18.00
Grilled lamb cutlets dipped in ginger sake sauce served
with onions and courgettes

Genghis Khan chicken 12.50
Marinated spring chicken, char-grilled served
with grated vegetables, ginger and soya sauce

Duck Kuwayaki 16.80
Smoked duck breast, panfried, served with
spring onions, leeks and sweet soya sauce

Wagyu beef

Fillet 150gm 52.00

Sirloin 200gm 44.00

Ribeye 200gm 42.00

Char-grilled beef served on a bamboo leaf with a
mirin, soy and citrus based sauce and pepper dressing

Pork shabu-shabu 10.50
Cooked in a broth served with shoga dressing

Tofu steak 10.50
Oven baked tofu served in teriyaki sauce


Lobster 29.00
Whole fresh lobster with lemon yuzu sauce

Fresh prawns 15.00
Five fresh Saudi prawns

Mixed white fish 12.50
Selection of sole, seabass and seabream

Mushrooms 8.00
Selection of inoke, shitake, jimshe and oyster mushrooms

Vegetable tempura 6.20
Seven varieties of seasonal vegetables

(All the above dishes are served with ten-dashi broth,
grated daikon and ginger)


Beef takikomi gohan (for two persons) 18.00

Mushroom takikomi gohan 12.00

Steamed spinach with sesame dressing 3.50

Steamed edamame 3.00

Fried edamame with chilli and cinnamon stick 3.50

Steamed rice 3.50

Broccoli ohitashi 4.00

Miso soup 3.50

Age-dashi tofu 5.80
Fried tofu with grated daikon and ginger

Nasu den kaku 4.00
Fried aubergine with akadashi miso

Nigiri and sashimi (prices for two pieces)

Tuna akami 7.80
Tuna tora 5.80
Yellow tail 6.80
Turbot 5.50
Sumber Jack (kampachi) 4.80
Seabass 4.80
Seabream 4.80
Scallops 5.80
Eel 6.50
Salmon 4.80
Prawn 4.80
Salmon roe 5.80

Sashimi (Chef’s choice of five varieties) 25.00
Sushi nigiri (eight pieces) 25.00
Mixed Sushi and Sashimi 25.00
(three selections of sashimi and five selections of sushi)

Tekka 4.80
Tuna and wasabi
California roll 5.50
Fresh crab and avocado with sesame seeds
Spider roll 7.50
Soft shell crab with red pepper mayonnaise and cucumber
Tempura roll 8.50
Warm fresh prawn tempura
Sake 5.00
Salmon and wasabi
Una-kyu 5.50
Eel and cucumber
Ume-shiso 4.00
Japanese plum and oba-leaf
Kappa 4.00
Cucumber and sesame seeds


Green tea Fondant with grand marnier orange ice-cream 9.00

Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream 9.50
(Please allow 15 minutes for cooking time)

Almond and black sesame tofu in almond syrup 5.80

Japanese pancake with pineapple mirin and ice cream 8.00

Assortment of ice-creams and sorbets (three scoops) 6.50

Fruits Moriawase (seven varieties) 12.00


Filter coffee 3.00

Espresso 3.00

Double espresso 4.00

Japanese green tea 3.00

Mint tea 3.00

A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill