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Best local Indian Restaurant in Essex 2014
One of the finest Indian restaurants in Essex Caraway Indian Brasserie, in Gants Hill, has won the prestigious Best Local Indian Restaurant Award in the Restaurant Guides

The Hart Brothers
The Hart Brothers, who have made Quo Vadis and Fino into such success stories

10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
10% Discount with Privilege Card from 11am to 7.30pm
50% off the food bill Monday through to Saturday

In an age when Italian-style fast food means having a quick plate of pizza or pasta, Vapiano takes things one step further and makes things fun and well, practically interactive....

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The Port Royal

The Port Royal SW11 Caribbean | South London



1 Ketch Mi Up
Soup-Choice of Red Kidney bean with mutton £3.50
Fish Tea broth £2.95
Callaloo Broth (greens) £2.50

2 Sunfever Salad £3.80
Jerk chicken salad

3 Jerkie Drummettes £4.00
Spicy jerk chicken leg with a beat to the bone accompanied by fried sweet potato

4 Roti Dipper £2.95
Roti (flat bread with split peas filling) served with a curry sauce

5 Volcanic Eruption £4.00
Spicy peppered shrimps served over ice

6 Vegetable Rollover £3.50
Roti wrapped with callaloo filling

7 Stamp & Go £2.50
Saltfish in a savoury flour pastry

8 Avocado Jamdown £4.00
Half an avocado filled with ackee & saltfish served with
Hard dough bread tringles

9 The Big Rita
Grill King Prawn skewed served on a bed of lettuce



10 Fisherman’s Choice from £7.00
Snapper fish steamed with a medley of tropical vegetables
& fresh herbs & spices (boned or de-boned)

11 Captain’s Choice £6.00
Fried snapper or Coley fish served with a medley of tropical vegetables
& fresh herbs & spices (boned or de-boned)

12 Giddy House Special £7.00
King fish grilled and served in a jerky spicy savoury sauce

13 Curry Crazy £7.00
Curried King Prawns

14 Jamaica’s Choice £6.00
Ackee (yellow butter like vegetable) cooked with saltfish (cod)
With onions & peppers (Jamaica’s national dish served with breadfruit)

15 Tropical Tingler from £5.00
Spicy Snapper or Coley fish fried and marinated in a sauce of vinegar, hot peppers & onions

16 Big Tasty Lobster
Lobster grilled with garlic butter and spices, and served with a savoury sauce

17 Portland Jerk £6.00
(Quarters) Slow roasted jerk chicken prepared with a mixture of herbs,
spice & the chef’s secret ingredient

18 Apache Chicken £5.00
Curried chicken served island style (boned or de-boned)

19 Jam Down Chicken £5.00
(Fricassed chicken) braised chicken in a rich gravy sauce (boned or de-boned)


20 Rammie £6.00
(curry goat) Succulent pieces of goat seasoned with Jamaican
spices slowly cooked in a traditional
dutch pot

21 Beef Swish £6.50
Oxtail slow cooked until tender served in a gravy sauce with
butter beans

22 Surf ‘n’ Turf £6.00
Peppered Steak


23 Calypso Mix £4.50
Mixture of cabbage carrot, sweet peas & fine beans

24 Rainbow delight £5.00
Three bean stew with okra

25 Plantain Tower £4.50
Fried plantain with callaloo tower


26 Rice & Peas sm £2.95 lrg £4.95
Cooked with red kidney bean or green gungo peas

27 Boiled Rice sm £2.00 lrg £3.50

28 Vegetable Rice sml £2.25 lrg £4.00

29 Hard Food (Provisions) £3.00 portion
Dumplin, banana, yam

30 Sweet Potato Chips £2.00 (portion)

31 Chips £1.50 (portion)

32 Fried Plantain £1.50 (portion)

33 Fried Breadfruit (seasonal) £1.50 (slice)
starch fruit when mature is roasted then deep fried

34 Fried Bammy £1.80 (half) £3.00 (whole)
Round flat bread made from grated cassava

35 Fried Dumplin £1.00
flour dough

36 Festival £1.00
flour dough with cornmeal & sugar

37 Roti £2.00
flat bread with split pea filling

38 Steamed Callaloo £3.50 (portion)
spinach like vegetable

39 Hard Dough Bread £0.50 (per slice)

40 Mash Potato £2.00

41 String Beans £1.50

42 Steamed Okra £2.50


43 Mixed Salad £2.00

44 Coleslaw £1.50

45 Avocado £0.60


46 Cheesecake £ 2.50
Assorted flavours

47 Fruit Cocktail £3.50
fresh fruits
48 Carrot Cake £3.50
Served with ice cream with toppings

49 Carrot Cake £2.50
With cream

50 Sweet Potato Pudding £2.50
with cream
51 Jamaican Fruit Cake £3.00
with extra fruit

52 Ice Cream
Vanilla £2.50
strawberry, £2.50
chocolate £2.50
rum & raisin £3.50
mix flavours £4.50

A 10% discretionary service charge is added to all bills